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    I'm here with reasons to level up my sports knowledge from the basics. I'll be interested to get in-depth about horse betting.

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    Welcome GrezaMelith.

    There are some pretty solid horse players and a some real good guys that get into horses at SBR. Poke around a little and you'll see some discussion.

    If I may ask, where are you from? What sports to you feel you have the best knowledge of? Doesn't have to be betting knowledge, we'll get you caught up there, but I was more asking about knowledge of the sport.

    That knowledge, from watching and paying attention, to even playing, can help spur the creativity needed to get some handicapping down.

    After that, winning becomes a game of numbers and numbers is indeed the game.

    Welcome again to SBR.

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    Do you do any twitter by chance? I follow a couple on Twitter that seem solid.
    One guy that is solid and ReTweets others picks is @RyanCindy2
    *I have no affiliation to this guy nor do I know him, just chiming in*

    I followed 12 of his picks on Saturday. 3 of his 12 winners won. I only bet $5 per horse.

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    hello and welcome