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    BetNow poker is a "SCAM"

    Betnow poker group:"members only poker," is a rip off! I have a acct @ BN and was suckered into joining thier poker room by the lure of real money freerolls.I joined the group and freeroll,I placed in the money$50.00 I also played at thier real money tables($2.00 straddle +1.00 BB .50 SB)with my winnings,I won $67.00+ my freeroll winnings.First I never herd of a straddle fee?Thier roll over is soo tilted in thier favor its impossble to accomplish( 2days to roll over your winnings).Playing at thier table stakes your blinded out so fast becuse of the straddle fee,oh and they have a hit n run rule(if you sit at a table and dont play for a certain amount of hands or time your put in violation of this rule,meaning: if you sit at another table you have to request the amount of chips you left the prior table with.So you cant buy in with less chips?)Your chips arent visible to view in your acct. you have to txt a # to get a balance( which is inconvenient and a hassle)I recently found out I had a zero chip balance becuse I didnt roll it over within the 2 days required? Im out $127.00? ITS A SCAM! BEWARE OF THIS BETTING SITES POKER GROUP!

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    Bump this thread

    I can definitely provide enough evidence to show that OP is not lying because the same shit happened to me