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    How I recently made a quick profit

    I recently loaded my account with $60.00. Just trying something new for kicks. Using a Professional Handicapping Service for free, I'm up to $300.00 in less than 2 wks. Unit/$5.00. Amazing. Lol. Never fails. Just when I thought I had everything figured out. I run into this new system. I will keep everyone posted on how it goes.
    How did I do it. Simple
    Day 1: 5 bets each 1 unit. Won 3 out of 5
    Day 2 : 5 bets. 3 were 2 units and 2 were 1 unit. Won 4 bets including my 2 unit bets.
    Day 3 5 bets. 3/3 units 1/2units 1/1 units Won 3: 1/3 unit 1/2 unit 1/1 unit.
    By now you should have a clear picture of how I won. Been using this same system for about 2 wks. Wish me luck. Lol

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    Great system you have there.

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    Only "system" out there is to win, win , win. Or deposit, deposit, deosit

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    Hilarious how there isn't a name or a reference to this "service". Scam.

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    Is this guy still winning???

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    Ahhh, another system winner. You should see Vegas Dave, that guy has NEVER EVER LOST.