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    Accidentally created multiple accounts, how to fix?

    I recently started using Bovada, but when I signed up I did it twice. It was nothing malicious, just a user error on my part. So now I have a couple of accounts, but have only deposited into one account and only plan to use that account. I'm not trying to scam them on account bonuses.

    Anyway, I saw this line in their terms of service today:

    3.2 Single Account Access. You are permitted to open only one (1) Account. Only one account is allowed per household. Multiple accounts held by the same individual are subject to immediate closure and we reserve the right to seize any funds gained as a result of holding multiple accounts. Furthermore you shall not permit another person to access the Website or Software via your account without the express permission of Bovada.

    I haven't gained any funds as the result of having these two accounts, and I want to make sure everything is above board and continue playing. Moving forward should I:

    1. Contact them and explain the situation, and see if they'll just delete the other account? Or will this just direct their attention to the other account and give them reason to shut down the one I'm using?
    2. Just do nothing? I also noticed that they delete "dormant accounts" after 18 months, and I don't plan on withdrawing in the near future. Should I just forget about it and hope it goes away and never becomes a problem?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Just call or chat them to explain and they will delete the unused account.
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    Have you passed KYC ? If no, contact them after verifying the account. Verified account will have priority