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    Key Parlays


    I have searched quite a bit for some kind of an explanation on how a "Key Parlay" wager works, however I have been unsuccessful in doing so. I was hoping that someone on these forums might be willing to provide me with an explanation on how exactly a "Key Parlay" wager works.

    I do know that you have to select 1 or more "key" selections from your group, and that somehow the wager is broken down into separate parlays that have a reliance on your "key" selection winning/pushing. I guess my confusion is based on how the odds work with the different amount picks, and whether you can win part of the full wager, etc.

    Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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    Bump, can someone explain?

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    A Key Parlay is simply when you select 3 or more teams and use one as the Key. Ex: Team A, B,C. You use Team A as the Key. Then you parlay Team A with Team B and Team C separately. (If you want to you can do an ALL parlay which is all 3 teams). Notice you have wagers with Team A/B, AC, and ABC. You DO NOT have parlay with Team B/C.
    This is your key parlay. You can select as many teams as desired, and you can have multiple Key teams also. You can do this for example...Team A,B,C are the Keys....now those three are parlayed with Team D, then Team E, and so on.