We have offered a +EV contest and the much preferred -EV contest and received no interest. We are now going with the only remaining contest which is Freeroll Free Racing!!!

BN Payday Loans is pleased to announce a new exciting and innovative arrangement with its weekly contests.

In coordination with commissioner LTProfits, NASCAR, BNPaydayLoans and Food Club, Buffalo Nickle Team 5 has exited the racing pool and will only be holding raceoffs weekly against the winners of the competing pool should they choose to participate in that pool with our points and accept our raceoff invitations. This means any racers are able to compete without a freeroll from our debtor or Buffalo Nickle Team 5 in the contest. Racers will be entered into a pool with all racers contributing equally and BN Payday Loans will promptly pay out winners as soon as race day with significant enough margins of victory.

Should we successfully hold raceoffs against previous winners of our points, Buffalo Nickle Team 5 will become a participant in the races by making 50-point contributions weekly and square off head-to-head with its exciting new racing team formulated by our analytics division.

For our debtor, it will be necessary for you to contribute 50 points per week for your own contribution to race freeroll free as well as a 50-point contribution to cover Buffalo Nickle Team 5 as well as get caught up on your payments. The contribution for Buffalo Nickle Team 5 will count as a payment toward your debt. The grand total for this week would be 396 points.

Please be aware, Freeroll Free Racing will only be available to those not participating in the rival contest which is a freeroll racing league and coordinated by an individual that we believe has low intelligence, little to no character and no honor as a gambler. Buffalo Nickle Team 5 will continue to be a competitor in the rival contest where we have now 106 paid entries if we are allowed to participate in the payouts.

We hope to continue to support the NASCAR community here at SBR with our sponsorship and unique offerings. If you are in need of a loan, we hope you will consider BN Payday Loans for all your SBR lending needs. When you win, we win.

Transfer to this post for Freeroll Free Racing!!!