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    Pedigree in racing on mud?

    How important will the pedigree of horses running in the Kentucky Derby be if the track is muddy? Most of them haven't even run on that type of surface, so it's really hard to handicap. I was looking at mud pedigree stats for all the horses on a PP chart. Several of them were bred from horses that were between 33% - 40% racing on mud. Is that something to take into consideration? Those horses are Revolutionary, Java's War, Goldencents, Vyjack, and West Hills Giant. On the other hand, It's My Lucky Day has won on mud at a high speed (without the pedigree for it).

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    I threw itsmyluckyday and vyjack out at first....but since its gonna rain I will include them in a couple bets now

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    i think the whole mud/slop scene is being played out way too much. 2 horses with stake wins over slop automatically means they are worth talking about? im still throwing out itsmyluckyday and vyjack

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    Identifiers is in my top five regardless of track.