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    Pistol Pete
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    Hockey Picks

    I know alot of guys here are looking to bet something during the week when no football. Alot of people been asking about hockey bets so i decided to come and try and post my picks maybe give a little insight into certain games and hopefully you guys will respond and give your view and we can all make some cash off the pucks.

    I have been betting hockey all season and have done pretty well so far. I have the hockey package on tv which I believe is a huge advantage to betting hockey because just looking at stats you cannot see how well a team skates passes or how they set up and defend on powerplays.

    So getting right into it I like two things tonight first is the Pittsburg under 6 1/2 -125. Pitt is playing florida who has one of the best goaltenders in the league and florida is a very defensive team not too much offense as they are averaging only 2.1 goals per game. Pitt has giving up alot of goals this season but only to good offensive teams. Im going under for 2 units

    Second I like the grand salami total of 50 1/2 to go under tonight. There are 8 games on tonight so for this to go over they have to average about 6.3 goals per game. There are alot of good defensive teams and good goaltenders playing tonight. Good goalies on Montreal, Chicago and Minn. Defensive teams not averagin much offense STL,Phoenix, Anaheim, and Atl. I do like this under alot so i am going 4 units.

    Like I said hopefully we can get these going and good luck to everyone.

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    They look pretty good, PP. I would have taken that GS Under if I had seen it earlier. I always like when someone gives reasoning behind picks, so I will likely coattail some of your picks if things keep going well.

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    I usually play 5 parlay on the over under. Havent hit yet