Entry Fee is 40 Betpoints.

This contest starts on Tuesday, 4/9/19 and ends Monday, 4/15/19. You must make a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 60 plays across NFL, CFB, MLB, NHL, NBA and CBB. Contest includes Spreads, Totals and Money Lines. All plays must be rated from 1 to 3, and the rating will be the RISK amount, Standings will be based on units.

Note: If there is a tie in units, tiebreaker will be Action Points, which is how many points you beat or lose to the line by (Spreads and Totals only).

Point allocation depends on number of entries:

Members 1-9
1st: 100%

Members 10-19
1st: 60%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 15%

Members 20-49
1st: 50%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 15%
4th: 10%
5th: 5%

Members 50+
1st: 30%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 14%
4th: 9%
5th: 7%
6th: 6%
7th: 5%
8th: 4%
9th: 3%
10th: 2%

Good Luck to All!