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    Best sportsbetting tracking app/online

    Hello, I'm looking to track all my plays this year which will mainly be NFL/UFC and some parlays.

    What are some of the current best sites to use for bet tracking, roi etc..

    If I can't find any I'll just use excel but I really don't wanna do that because I suck at it haha.. Rather something easy and made specifically for this.


    Free preferred, but will entertain paid ones if cheap and really good.

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    Pickmonitor, The Action Network (app), Betstamp.

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    I’ve used The Action Network for a few years, but I recently switched to BetStamp and I like it a lot better.

    IMO, the TAN app comes with a lot of additional noise (“Expert” articles, sportsbook signup bonus, etc.) Betstamp tracks picks and easy to use.

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    Download this spreadsheet. You can edit and customize according to your bankroll and bet %. It will also track with compounding or linear method. You can add more sheets for more years. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...gid=1712378585 You can also simply clear the log, and change the years to present years to log your picks. Everything is automatic. You can keep it online in your google drive/account.

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    i use this one
    the free version