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    SBR odds Classic

    Shout out to Genie, and everyone else who got the classic odds up and running again. Much appreciated.
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    Thank you, tbaer! We're always here to help.

    donation 02/17/2020

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    I agree and much prefer and exclusively use Classic.

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    I've given up on SBR sorting out the many issues they have with their classic odds pages and i've gone back to oddschecker. I would have understood SBR abandoning the classic odds but instead they've chosen to justify a future abandoning by not maintaining it. Some of the futures pages stopped in 2018, they declined to add the AAF and XFL, and their soccer pages are unusable for the EPL because of an insane alphabetical listing, lack of a scroll feature, and a failure to adapt to the 125% and 150% setting in Windows 10. Piss poor effort.Should I mention the drip, drip loss of books?