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    I am good at coin flips, I really am!
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    I think 99% of people don't share their strategy for a few reasons
    1. They really dont have a strategy
    2. They dont want their strategy criticized
    3. Their strategy is truly not long term profitable
    4. Believe that people will jump on their amazing strategy and ruin the betting world and maybe take over the world
    5. Spent tons of time and resources on it and why should they.
    I share my ideas and strategies for 2 reasons
    1 to be criticized on them so I can improve them
    2 to learn and make them better or change them completely

    again as I said 100 times, if someone picks 75 winners straight he might be someone elses hero but not mine
    to be my hero he needs to show me lines before lines are released and line value, but mainly show me some lines very close to closing lines days in advance. Anything other than is just for me, A guy throwing darts!

    "I wont tell you or show you what I do"

    if I gave you my picks after I bet them you have zero impact on my bets. now if somehow me sharing this information long term can cause that edge to disappear because the market is now seeing my edge because its viral and adjusts accordingly.

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    I am good at coin flips, I really am!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsty View Post
    how much more do you need? just stop being lazy pieces of shit and you might get something from it

    idk if dan is stupid or just acting stupid

    either way poor effort
    and tsty dont tell me you still believe in that secret room hidden in the mountains where the sharps and the books meet to discuss all the lines on all sports before releasing them to dumb saps like me.

    you really are making me feel stupid tsty, what the hell are you talking about?
    how much more do I need of what?
    of course I am stupid, havent you read what I wrote
    my effort is A1 , no one can downplay my effort.

    I think you dont answer questions one or 2 reasons
    your legal counsel advised you not to or you are a big scaredy cat scared for people to call you dumb like on that CLV thing, we dont get the closing lines what the heck was that?

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    I am good at coin flips, I really am!
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    and please tsty dont tell us the story of the man in the high castle who meets with all the sharps in the world in a secret location and they let them bet first before they release the lines to us mortals. LOL you watch too many sci fi movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by totalsguy View Post
    The True Winners in business (including Sports Wagering) do not share their methods because everyone is your competition in trading all 'Markets"
    They don't share their methods, because those methods are boring, well known, and only possible to people who are actually willing to work hard.

    Go to medical school or law school and be a good doctor or lawyer and earn a good living. Graduate from West Point, have a successful military career, earning a promotion every chance and start earning a $5,000 per month pension in your 40s after 20 years -- or $9,000 per month in your 50s after 30 years.

    Go to a casino and watch a blackjack game and add one when a small card comes out or subtract one when a high card comes out. Divide by the number of decks remaining and bet $100 per positive integer. Repeat until rich. Or at least $100,000 per year.

    In sports betting, find the best available number on any game. When it is enough to beat the big, bet it. Keep doing that until limit bets are only a small fraction of how much money you have

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    How much time have you fools spent trying to educate that mega-square? It's time to stop. Some people lack the capacity and are meant to be lifelong losers, and their existence is important to the betting economy.

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    For someone so old you get mad very easily

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