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    1) I have a question between using straight bets vs. 2-3 round-robin play parlays. I have been reading that parlays may be a good way to allow someone to optimize their capital usage with a small bankroll so that one could risk less at any given moment in order to achieve the same Expected Profit and Growth outcome.

    Basically, the Expected Profit, Growth is the same but the 2-3 round-robin play parlays uses a fraction of the bankroll. Would it not be better to do 2-3 round-robin play parlays over straight bets to optimize committing a smaller fraction of the bankroll. What would be the difference? Volatility????

    I am using SBR Kelly Calculator across multiple independent events to determine sizing of straight bets.

    For example:

    3 Independent Events
    -110 American Odds and 55% Win Probability
    Expected Profit: 0.4139% - Same for all 3 scenarios below
    Expected Growth: 0.3107% - Same for all 3 scenarios below

    Straight Bets.
    1 2.6056%2 2.6056%3 2.6056%

    Total stake for all single bets: 7.8168%

    For 2-Play Parlay
    1+2 0.0738%1+3 0.0738%2+3 0.0738%
    Total stake for all 2-team parlays: 0.2215%

    For 3-Play Parlay
    1+2+3 0.0021%
    Total stake for all 2-team parlays: 0.2215%

    2) How does one determine the starting bankroll to use to determine bet sizing to deal with doing multiple sets of betting?
    This is in the scenario that the first set of bets hasn't been resolved to a starting bankroll for the next set of bets?

    My thinking is a conservative approach to just assume you lose all of your first set of bets, and your current bankroll is used as the starting bankroll for next set of the bets.

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