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    Which Crayola crayon color is getting retired? Odds listed, make your selections.

    Crayola has announced that on Friday it will be retiring, and will no longer be producing, one of the colors in its 24 crayon box. Which one will it be? As we try to figure it out, we must figure why any crayola crayon color would be retired to begin with. Most obvious reasons would be either age (an old color that's outdated), similarity to others (many colors are extremely close in shade in their hundreds deep menu), political correctness (as in when long staple color Indian Red was renamed "Chestnut" in 1999),or lack of use in today's crayon world.

    There are 24 and one of them is getting the axe. Share your picks, and I'll try to narrow the field.

    ALMOST CERTAIN TO STAY ULTRA LONG SHOTS (500-1 each) : Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black,White,Orange.

    These primary and secondary colors along with Black and White are basic staples that all originated in 1903 (the exception being the current Blue which is on it's third incarnation with the current Blue color originating in 1949 and Blue 1 and Blue 2 both biting the dust in 1958 as their changed titles of Azure Blue and Medium Blue). Highly unlikely these are going anywhere.

    LONG SHOTS (200-1 each) : Violet, Brown, Gray. While Violet did disappear from 1950-1957 and has many similar colors, it probably stays, as will gray most likely. Brown came out in 1935, and while there are many shades of brown in their pallet, it's doubtful that Brown is leaving.

    That leaves 14 contenders, lets break them down:

    YELLOW-ORANGE (50-1) Around since 1930. Although Orange-Yellow got ditched in 1990, Yellow Orange has a very distinct hue (kind of like a Tangerine) and since there's really nothing close to it, I think it stays in the box.

    SCARLET (50-1) It came out recently in 1998, and it's unique enough and new enough (not to mention Ohio State fans would have a fit) that I think it's safe.

    RED VIOLET (33-1) This color came out in 1930 and is far enough from Plum and other Purple tones that I think it's probably sticking around.

    RED ORANGE (33-1) This came out in 1930. Orange-Red did get the boot in 1990, but Red Orange is one of my favorites, its a lively shade that's different enough from Orange and Red tones that I'd hate to see it go.

    YELLOW GREEN (25-1) Another veteran from 1930, this almost light lime should be far enough from newcomers Granny Smith Apple and Inchworm to hold its place.

    DANDELION (20-1) Fairly new, as it was born in 1990. Has a fresh, upbeat name, and everyone likes Dandelions. It is very close to Goldenrod though, so who knows. They did ditch Maize in 1990 which was surprising.

    CERULEAN (20-1) It's fairly recent from 1990, and it's a pretty unique shade compared to all their other blues, but as far as names go Cerulean seems pretty dull and clinical unlike cool blue crayons like Cornflower. It is a very nice shade of blue though.

    INDIGO (20-1) The color Indigo goes back centuries in usage, but this crayon color only arrived in 1999, making it the newest of the 24 candidates. The classic name, the recent introduction, and the ultra cool color leads me to think this is staying right in the box where it belongs.

    GREEN YELLOW (8-1) No where near as cool as Yellow Green, this shade that came out in 1958 is a little dull and while there's nothing exactly like it, it wouldn't be a tragedy to see it go.

    CARNATION PINK (8-1) While this is the original Pink that goes back all the way to the beginning in 1903, and does have a traditional name and shade, it does have 3 newcomers in Cotton Candy(1998), Pig Pink (1998), and Tickle Me Pink (1993) that all are very close in shade. If Monopoly can dare to get rid of the Thimble, Crayola just might ditch the old Pink in favor of it's fresher relatives.

    VIOLET RED (8-1) A 1958 addition, this color is not as unique as Red Violet is, nor as cool. It's a nice shade but there are colors like Magenta, Cerise, and Wild Strawberry close enough and livelier that makes me wonder if it's time is up.

    BLUE VIOLET (7-1) Also from 1958, it saw its brother Violet Blue fired in 1990. It's a nice shade, but it's in a pretty congested neighborhood of Blues and Purples.

    APRICOT (5-1) Apricot came out in 1958, and seems like an older generational color just like the fruit seems to be. This color is so close to the Peach crayon (I can remember barely telling the difference of the two when I was a kid) that I see this as a strong contender to be put on the shelf.

    BLUE GREEN (9-2) With it's origins going back to 1949, it also saw its cousin Green Blue ditched in 1990. With much of this section of the palette well represented, and the very close proximity to the the newer, fresher, livelier, and much cooler sounding color of Pacific Blue, I make this the slight favorite to get its walking papers.

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    Well, some jerk off with inside info leaked it and blabbed about it on the internet, and forced Crayola to disclose a day early and ruin their countdown, but the crayon that got retired was DANDELION. No word on what's going to replace it in the 24 box set, but as I said in the analysis, GOLDENROD is very close to DANDELION.

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    Who had odds on this indio?

    Was that from research or are you a crayon expert?

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    im gonna go with cerulean

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    I just use black.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optional View Post
    Who had odds on this indio?

    Was that from research or are you a crayon expert?
    I made the odds myself (even made sure there was a reasonable 10% theoretical hold). I just did some quick research, and tried to use deductive reasoning (a hobby of poker playing sicko's). I'm certainly no crayon expert. Until I saw this, I don't think I've even thought about a crayon since I was 7 years old.
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