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    Coll FB: VATech/Tulane notes


    OK, I get it:
    1) Tulane HC Fritz - off to Houston
    2) Tulane QB Pratt - opting out

    ...Tulane interim. He'll be playing two QBs, Horton has experience from playing in place of Pratt.

    These opt-outs are maddening. That said, I can't believe Tulane is catching Double-digits in this game. Tulane beat USC last year, and they were a ranked team this year, the program has really improved.

    I view Tulane as a good program, not just a few good players. Even with the personnel changes, I can't imagine that Tulane +10.5 isn't value.

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    How much juice are you paying for (+11.5)? line has been steady at (+10.5) and hasn't budged from that number. Also it's more than just Pratt and HC Fritz that are missing from Tulane. Also their top two WR and starting TE are not playing! Altogether, 11 starters not playing for the Green Wave. that is why I jumped all over Va Tech who are only missing two players. and they have the motivation factor as well on their side. but here is the complete opt out information for Tulane. I would strongly advise anyone not to bet Tulane and to do so at their own peril and to tread very lightly.

    Out for Bowl:

    • Starting QB Michael Pratt (706 snaps)
    • Starting WR Chris Brazzell (616 snaps)
    • Starting WR Jha'Quan Jackson (314 snaps)
    • Starting TE Alex Bauman (656 snaps)
    • Starting LG Prince Pines (425 snaps)
    • Starting S DJ Douglas (652 snaps)
    • Starting OLB Devean Deal (488 snaps)
    • Starting DE Keith Cooper Jr. (599 snaps)
    • Starting OLB Darius Hodges (401 snaps)
    • Starting CB Jarius Monroe (754 snaps)
    • S Kentrell Webb (179 snaps)