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    Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel's Point Spread Value

    Jimmy Vaccaro@JimmyVaccaro2m
    Lots of buzz about this Manziel story. If suspended, I say he's worth 6 points to A&M when talking spreads. Interested to see what happens.

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    last year, i'd say he was worth much more than 6 points... this year, i think there was going to be letdown anyway..... so hard to say, but i'd say more than 6 points.

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    If Manziel gets suspended, the transition at QB will be tough. I'm assuming Matt Joekel would be asked to start in Manziel's place as he's the next best QB option on the team, however stylistically, Manziel and Joekel are very different. Joekel has a big arm but little mobility and with the Aggies losing Ryan Swope and Uzoma Nwachukwu, they're quite depleted in terms of experience at receiver. It will be a lot harder for TAMU to score fast on the strength of big plays without Manziel on the field, leading to more games where the Aggies will need to play the full 60 minutes rather than going up by 21 early and then coasting.

    6 points seems about right to me, however I think the market will overreact to the change if Manziel sits.