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    New Vegas Is Trying to Charge Me $36,000 In Processing Fees

    Won a progressive slot jackpot for $605,000 at New Vegas. I go to cash out only to be told that I am going to be charged a 6% "processing" fee to collect the win. Since I had decided I was willing to spend some decent money trying to win the jackpot, I pressed New Vegas for full details of how such a win would be paid out beforehand. They eventually got back to me and said the win would be paid out in four installments over four months and mentioned nothing about fees. New Vegas normally offers free bitcoin payments. I decided this was good enough and started going at it.

    New Vegas's justification is "game royalties and fees associated with Rival Owned Jackpots". They claim if they did not charge 6%, they would be in "deficit". They also claim their fees are enforced by their providers to guarantee security and their providers have among the lowest fees in the industry. Sending bitcoin, apparently, is not intrinsically "secure" enough on its own.

    New Vegas's site says nothing about 6% bitcoin fees. Nonetheless, they have focused in on rule 4.7 "Players maintain sole responsibility for all processing fees on withdrawals." which they use as justification. Apparently, they consider $36,000 within the realm of "processing fees". I tried the arbitration process at Casinomeister. During this process, New Vegas chose not to expand the dialogue and so nothing changed.

    New Vegas has ignored numerous requests to substantiate that they are incurring the costs they claim they are incurring. They refuse to go into any specifics. Nobody I have talked to so far seems to believe they are really incurring the costs they claim without any alternative.

    Sadly, in the sake of full disclosure, I must admit that I eventually decided to collect the first $188,000 at a cost of $12,000 in fees. This was in response to advice that if I fight too hard, I might antagonize New Vegas and not get paid as a result. That advice was premised on Rival casinos having a poor general reputation. This decision has not sat well with me. Thus, I have decided to let the public know about the situation.

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    I hear what you are saying but that amount of money the last thing you want is for them to not pay you at all calling on some stupid rule or lying about something. That amount for many is life changing. Even if they charge that as long as they pay the rest to you. Get as much as you can out when you can. And congrats on such a huge win !!!!!!!

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    Which site is this? Newvegas.com?

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    Yes, newvegas.com.
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    Hefty fee
    Do you get any golf balls or coffee from them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishhead View Post
    Hefty fee
    Do you get any golf balls or coffee from them?

    Have tried literally hundreds of coffee's
    my personal favorite nowadays is the same stuff they sell a Mcdonalds . Mcaffee dark roast at wallies