I have been dealing with support for over 2 months now and they rejected my claims. I sent numerous screenshots, their casino department confirmed that I did not lose all the winnings that magically disappeared and referred me to the payout department to make sure I hadn't withdrawn yet and I would be owed the missing $8,500. I had to keep contacting support because they never gave me updates. I ended up stuck in Vegas due to weather and when I got back I tried to work through this crap and they refused to give me info til last week. They magically denied my claim, never contacted me, never penetrating asked me for anything.

I had an outstanding claim for months and then I noticed that some of my screenshots were for Betonline and not just Sportsbetting.ag. The night I hit Betonline up my claim was shut down by both places., I have screenshots, bank statements everything. They owe me $8,500. I am desperate for help here cuz these assholes played me along for 2 months, made a decisions, didn't let me know that they made a decision and literally had support staff laughing at me on the phone because this place just steals money. Beyond pissed right now. I can send whatever emails, screenshots whatever. This is penetrating dumb.