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    GUARANTEE easy money craps system no matter table minimum

    #1 DO NOT throw dice unless your on short table with only 4 players left

    HERE it is

    if on $15 min game place $20 on Dont pass now say point established is 5 or 9

    PLace it for $15 pays $21 if hit so you collect $36 LOSE the $20 D P $16 net profit

    i used to lay money on DP and Place for less amount and lose

    1 rule any time you lose to natural NO action until dice pass no bet on any 7 or hop 7's thats a loss even if you win 2 or more in a row you lose the hop's like so hop 7's and any 7 pays 17$ wooooooo hooo thats 2$ next toss he makes point poof your negative -2$ and worse of all you make those bets trying to cover your DP and they throw an 11

    POOF $19 gomne

    think of this long term on table with 9 players or more no mater the point your profiting either way

    lets use 6 n 8 $20 DP place point for $18 if wins you get back $39 lose the $20 DP thats $19 profit

    if 7 out you pick up $40 lose the $18 thats $22 net ...

    YOU DO NOT leave money on the felt decide what to do next shooter or if same but right now i'm looking at profits even if i throw dice just hope i dont start out with 2 or 3 naturals lol! it's a grind but think that average time per shooter with others making bets is 6 mins thats 10 wins per hour so lowest is $19 thats $190 and lets say you lost 7 naturals which is rare so subtract -105 leaves you with $85 net per hour lets say you played 4 hours

    BOOM who da fawk makes $85 per hour tax free $340 plus food comps oo yeah take break 1 hour eat relax smile at those chippy's all black baby few green couple reds you started with only $300 now you got $640

    you buy in for that amount it counts towrds higher rewards points but no more food comps which you proably still have some left

    been playing craps since way back in 70's when resorts opened in AC NJ one thing 98% when shooter throws 3 craps after point is established a 7 will fall within 5 throws of the dice so if on pass line and place bets pick up odds and go off on place bets

    another thing NEVER Make COME bets it's the worse bet ever because you need to hit that number again to win

    i seen so much money gone from players racks in 20 mins

    trust me my system is fool proof took me 6 years to develop it use you tube videos of live craps games

    also NO gambling on hard ways or other long shot bets YOUR not winning money now YOUR Eraning money

    one thing i notice when im doing this no body else does it

    was talking to one guy last time that was on table with me he did it and paid me $200 after he cashed out ...

    he buried them huge betting green checks and black i pulled him aside limit your wins they do not like losing $1000's he said how much i said if your always here say 4 nights a week $500 limit thats $1000 a week

    $52,000 a year tax free i think

    money is for gambling only nothing else

    ok take vacation for week with family probably cost about $30,000 for every thing

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    Bill if craps was a solved game we would know about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gauchojake View Post
    Bill if craps was a solved game we would know about it.

    it's not solved but best return on money out of all casino games