I recently opted into a promo bet 30$ get a free 10$ to bet on live blackjack from bet mgm. After I received the 10$ promo the fine print says you needed to bet 250$ To receive your 10$. The fine print also said blackjack games only count to 5% of whatever you bet for it to count towards the roll over. It took me 4 hours in total to get a 400$ cash out. This was more than just winning the 400$ cash out. This was an eye opener into seeing how scummy Betmgm and certain companies are with roll overs. It was a miracle I was able to win this a total fluke. I was hopping from one total leaving to another when I felt the rig coming in on that table just kept going from table to table.

The wager 250$ Roll over was false advertising because they only counted 5% of what you wagered on their blackjack games. Betmgm = scum