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    ufc 58 odds

    David "The Crow" Loiseau +220
    Rich Franklin -300

    BJ Penn -140
    Georges St.Pierre +110

    Joe Doerksen -115
    Nate Marquadt -115

    John Alessio +250
    Diego Sanchez -330
    Steve Vigneault +375
    Mike Swick -550

    Hominick +350
    Edwards -500
    Stout +150
    Florian -180
    Macdonald +200
    Lambert -250
    - Kristof Midoux +150
    Tom Murphy -180

    I cant understand how st.pierre is the underdog. I know there is no "sure thing" but that has to be as close to it as can be.

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    there is no way gsp is a sure thing vs bj penn

    penn is an elite fighter and can beat pretty much anyone in the world on any given night at his weight class which is 170 even though he has been floating around

    gsp is a freakish athlete with a lot of skills in all areas but remember matt hughes subbed him and bj is a better sub expert than hughes

    gsp pretty much punked shawn sherk who is not too shabby himself

    i look for gsp to outwork bj cause he is relentless but gsp better watch out or he might get subbed

    picking gsp 55/45