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    Boxing: Fernando Vargas vs Ricardo Mayorga

    Can some knowledgable poster post some opinions on this Friday's match.

    They went up to 162 from their usual 147 and is suppost to be Vargas last fight in his home turf.

    Vargas -166
    Mayorga +156

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    I am taking Vargas -170.

    Considering they are bothing moving up in weight up to 166 I need to go with the fighter that will be able to box more and that is vargas. I see vargas getting the cleaner shots and systematically breaking down mayorga. Mayorga when he fights leaves himself way to open and that is where a boxer can pick his shots. I believe that vargas is faster than mayorga and will expose those clean shots. Ill be honest with you, i am worried about vargas already stating that its his last fight, when boxers say that it never ends good. But, once again, if you box mayorga and dont get caught up with a toe to toe battle you will eventually break him down.

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    I am going to this fight. I want to wager one Vargas but something tells me he could get knocked out.