First, let me answer a couple good questions: BTG hasn't been issued yet to anyone. The code's not even finished. They say they'll be ready "in early November." What Bitfinex is letting its customers trade is just a token representing the BTG their clients WILL receive in the future.

Also, as soon as you get your private key for the address you had your BTC at at 9:30 pm EST on Monday, then it's perfectly safe to move that BTC anywhere you want or sell it or deposit it to a sportsbook or whatever and you'll still be able to get your BTG whenever the development team gets its act together and gets it issued. You already own BTG and there's nothing you can do now to mess that up.

How to Get Your Private Keys

The following step by step directions are for an Electrum wallet, since that's what I was recommending Monday, but all private wallets have similar configurations, so if you used something else, look for a "Private Keys" button, possibly under "Wallet" and look to "Export" those keys to get them on the screen.

For Electrum Wallets:

Not all of these steps will apply to everyone's Electrum, so just move to the next step if something isn't making sense (for example, if you've already clicked "Show Addresses" in the past, then it won't appear under "View" today, so just skip ahead.)

1. Click "View"

2. Click "Show Addresses"

3. Click "Addresses." That will bring up a list of all the pre-assigned addresses for that wallet, any of which you can use to send BTC to Electrum.

4. If it's on your screen, double click on "Used Addresses," just to be sure ALL 34 pre-assigned addresses are on the list.

5. RIGHT CLICK on the address that you sent your BTC to for Monday night. If you haven't moved your BTC then it'll be easy to see the right address to get the private key for. If you've already moved your BTC out of Electrum and don't remember which address you used to send your BTC there in the first place, don't worry. It can only be one of the addresses on that list with 1 or more transactions (the "Tx" column), so just copy and paste all the private keys for all the addresses that have 1 or more Tx's.

6. Click "Private Key"

7. Copy the output, which is the private key for that address. Private keys look a lot like BTC addresses, except they're a bit longer.

That's it. Just hang on to that private key and when BTG's development team releases the actual BTG, you'll be able to use the key to claim your BTG. When that happens, I'll post a new thread or update this one with exact instructions to finish the job.