2020 XFL Season Structure & Rules

Before you bet any futures, itís important to understand how the league is going to run. Hereís the most important things you need to know:

  • The regular season will be 10 weeks
  • There will be no bye weeks
  • The eight teams are split into two conferences: East and West
  • Each team plays the other three teams in their conference twice Ė once at home and once on the road Ė and then the four teams in the other conference once each
  • The top two teams from each conference make the playoffs
  • The playoffs will not see teams cross over to play the other conference in the first round; the top team in the east will play the second-best team from the east

There are also a number of rules that will be different from what youíre used to seeing in the NFL. Here are the bigger ones:

  • Kickoffs will take place from the 25-yard-line, with the kicking team members lined up at the receiving teamís 35-yard-line, and blockers of the receiving team lined up at their own 30-yard-line
  • A touchback that travels directly into the endzone through the air will come out to the 35, while touchbacks that bounce into the endzone will come out to the 15
  • There are no traditional extra points; an extra point will be a scrimmage play from the 2-yard-line, while a two-point attempt will be from the 5, and a new three-point attempt will be from the 10
  • Teams can throw two forward passes on the same play as long as the ball doesnít cross the line of scrimmage before the second pass
  • Overtime will consist of a five-round shootout of two-point conversions
  • The clock will run continuously outside of the two-minute warning; after the two-minute warning, traditional NFL stoppages will occur