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    Henry Back w/Arsenal

    Hadn't seen any discussion on this and was very surprised.

    Henry, now 34, was asked by Gunners boss Arsene Wenger to come back to the club at which he is already the all-time record goalscorer, in order to provide backup to Van Persie in the absence of Africa Cup of Nations-bound duo Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh.

    And Van Persie believes the fact Henry opted to accept Wenger’s offer despite having nothing left to prove is a mark of the man and his love for the game.

    "He got a statue here last month and he has proved everything to us,” the Dutchman told reporters. “For him to come back is so brave. I really like that.

    "He wants to help us out. He wants to help the club he loves. Only positives.

    "He has nothing to prove. He has a statue here - only a couple of players have that. He broke every single record at Arsenal - he won everything at Arsenal.

    "Some people might question: 'why do you do it? You have proved everything already?'
    Seems like a very odd move to me. Seen a source or two claiming its to make up for expected absences of Gervinho for the Africa Cup of Nations but it seems like a weird direction to go for depth - an old dude who has lost a few steps. Henry is good for MLS, but EPL ....

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    Even an ageing Thierry is better than Gervinho, Chamakh and the like.

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    just go to show you how arsenals season is going tht mr wenger wants henry back, wenger sure misses that 04 team. besides from van persie the rest of arsenals strikers are poor. lets see if we dont see reports later of wenger contacting pires, bergkamp..lol.

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    It will be nice to see Henry back in an Arsenal jersey's....at least from a football fan perspective