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    Anyone see Marinovich on ESPN saying he crapped up 9 pairs of pants during game?

    It was an arena game when he was all drugged up and the pants were white.Can you imagine the trash talk going on when he was getting sacked where defensive tackles had to endure the mess.At least if it were an outdoor game where the turf was moist, he could have disguised things where he purposely rolled on the muck.Then Marinovich all broke,looking like a Ralph Malph-Howdy Doody hybrid and crappy finds a trophy wife who bore his children.If Marinovich had no fame for even being a tragic idiot,do you think a woman of that caliber would have looked at him?

    Marinovich's best claim to fame was that he never ate a Big Mac or a Twinky all the way till he was an adult because his dad wouldn't let him but this new revalation about crapping 9 pairs of pants during a game trumps that.Watch out if there are some soiled arena football league pants going up for sale on the sports collectibles market.Hell,the dealer will probably tell the truth why they are soiled and get 5X the going rate of normal arena league pants.

    Bubba Watson better watch out getting all emotional at tournaments wearing white pants too.
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    Good points Crude.