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    This TUF card has been decent tonight

    I like the live format - nice to see guys earning their way in like this. One round deciding it all.

    Should be an interesting season - maybe less drama stuff and just good action!

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    Very entertaining fights actualy. Giving it their all as there is only one round.

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    Agreed. Sam Sicilia's 8 second TKO was very impressive. There's a couple of other guys that have really impressed me so far but I forget their names. One of the guys that really impressed me was 34 years old if I remember correctly.

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    Justin Lawrence could be a future elite fighter. They said he trains with Anderson Silva.

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    that dude's toe was fuked

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    A few early stops by the refs tonight.

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    You can argue that the fights were stopped early, but the refs are saving these fighters from potential unnecessary damage. Rather see an early stoppage than a guy's brains on the floor like Joe Warren tonight or Morecraft against Barry