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    No one posted anything about this?


    No wonder they cant pay Brees, they probably knew the fines were coming. What a frigging joke that franchise is.

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    Black lives matter?
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    Stupid for getting caught, but I'm sure this happens all over the NFL. Probably even in college.
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    "If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying." I think this quote came from the NASCAR culture, but it applies here as well.

    Funny how these teams that are supposedly breaking the rules are the ones having the most success.

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    Its professional football. i always wanted to knock the shit outta people when i played. if everything was done inbetween the whistles i dont know what all the fuss is about? i guess because they wanted it out of the league after buddy ryan here in philly? they are professionals and get paid to play, i look at it as performance bonuses. in this world of 24 hours news and sports channels i guess they need something to take up all that time.

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    What a bunch of douches.

    And of course they shouldn't be allowed to have non-contract bonuses. Teams could sign all pro-bowl players and still have cap space if non-contract bonuses were allowed.