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    Beat The Prick week 8 leaderboard

    Congrats to all 314 players who outclassed The_Prick in week 8!

    All players who have logged into the sportsbook at least one time have been credited. You need to log into the sportsbook a minimum of one-time in order to be able to claim winnings. Dax will be PMing the posters who have never logged into the SBR sportsbook.

    How to use SBR Sportsbook freeplays: Log into your SBR Sportsbook account, select a wager and on the wager confirmation screen, select "Use freeplay amount" (tutorial)

    donation 2/15/2016

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    congrads to all

    Week 3
    4-1-0 230 pts

    Week 2
    4-1-0 505 pts

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    on a roll the last 2 weeks