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    Linesmakers TV show

    just saw last weeks episode, a little late but its pretty good stuff

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    Linemakers is a decent show, conceptually. Would like to see it a bit more focused though. Being a new program, there's still some tweaking to do. Cutting it back from an hour to 30 minutes was a good start.

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    yeah the show is okay....these guys are knowledgable but pretty stiff for tv

    the story that jimmy vaccaro told about placing the line on the tyson/douglas fight on the first show was pretty interesting stuff...you forget about just how huge that upset was

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    some of the clips look like a bad after school special like when they were talking about placing bets. They talk like robots. Show is not really that helpful. I wish they had some wise guys that actually bet on games talk.

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    yeah i watched it last week and thought it was a pretty good show

    got it set to record next week

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