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    Statistical Information

    For those of you who use statistical modelling to help predict the outcome of a game, where do you get all of your statistical information? Are there databases or pay services out there? Has anyone used stats.com?

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    Welcome, SportsNewb!

    I am slinking this to the Think Tank - perhaps some of our modeling experts there can chime in.

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    They are are many out there.
    I find myself using Statfox.com alot lately for ease of use and nice layout.

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    I believe most people develop programs to scrape the information from various websites, this is what I do. There is a good tutorial in the tank written up here http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/handicappe...-research.html

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    depending on what u r looking for statfox, yahoo, espn, hoopsstats.com for basketball are some good places to start