SBR Webmaster Tools


Sports betting focused websites may wish to make use of the array of SBR webmaster
tools, including real-time updating odds and scores widget, betting calculators, and more.


If you're interested in featuring any of the below tools on your website, simply write in to to be given the code for the plug-in you desire.


The bottom of this page also lists examples of betting odds widgets that can be customized
according to your liking and used on your website.


Wordpress Scoreboard

Javascript Scoreboard


The Wordpress scoreboard is free and easy to install. The scoreboard is smart enough to
easily adapt to your website design.


The javascript scoreboard offers live scores and odds scoreboard for your website, free
and in real time. Users can generate their own stock widget or email SBR for a more refined
look and feel.


: The Sportsbook Review RSS feed includes the latest sportsbook industry news and notes
that involve the online sports betting industry.


SBR also offers the following odds and scores widgets for webmasters. Below are real-time
versions of each odds widget along with a description on how the widgets function and how
they can each be uniquely customized.


Horizontal scoreboard widget:

This widget, sized 728x90, can be customized to highlight one sport or multiple leagues.
The sportsbook line-set is powered by 5Dimes (SBR rating A+) by default, though this
sportsbook can be changed on a request basis. Once games begin each day, the score
updates dynamically by pulling in data from free real-time odds and scores monitoring
website The widget is delivered in either an iFrame or javascript version.




Individual game odds widget:

This widget can be set with desired page width and can show any straight bet for a league supported on SBR Odds. The below example shows an NBA match-up of the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards. The odds format is American by default but can be set to decimal if desired.

Full grid widget:
This widget allows visitors to browse between multiple sports leagues and betting market types. The odds format is American by default but can be set to decimal as needed. The sportsbook order is configurable through the widget code.


Future odds widget:

The below widget can be sized according to your liking. This example is for the NBA Central Division winners futures betting market.

General Scoreboard odds widget:

This widget is still in development mode but may be of value for webmasters. It shows the percentage of bets per each team in a given league - in the below example NFL - as per SBR Odds sportsbook feed.


Vertical scoreboard odds widget:

This widget is very similar to the horizontal scoreboard widget, except it is vertical and has a sliding bar. The default league is set to NFL in the below example.