SBR Webmaster Tools


Sports betting focused websites may wish to make use of the array of SBR webmaster
tools, including real-time updating odds and scores widget, betting calculators, and more.


If you're interested in featuring any of the below tools on your website, simply write in to to be given the code for the plug-in you desire.


The bottom of this page also lists examples of betting odds widgets that can be customized
according to your liking and used on your website.


Wordpress Scoreboard

Javascript Scoreboard


The Wordpress scoreboard is free and easy to install. The scoreboard is smart enough to
easily adapt to your website design.


The javascript scoreboard offers live scores and odds scoreboard for your website, free
and in real time. Users can generate their own stock widget or email SBR for a more refined
look and feel.


: The Sportsbook Review RSS feed includes the latest sportsbook industry news and notes
that involve the online sports betting industry.


SBR also offers the following odds and scores widgets for webmasters. Below are real-time
versions of each odds widget along with a description on how the widgets function and how
they can each be uniquely customized.


Parlay odds calculator:

The parlay odds calculator allows players to calculate the correct payoff for up to 15 games. Players can also insert custom payoff odds and the line-set used by the betting site for easy odds calculation.

Betting odds calculator:


One of the many betting calculators offered by SBR, the betting odds converter is one of the most popular widgets, allowing players to convert from US, Decimal, Fractional, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malaysian odds.