• SBR Rating:F
  • Online Since:2000
  • Sportsbook Bonus:50% Cash Bonus
  • Location:Canada
  • Countries Restricted:Canada
  • Contact: 1 877 528 6748
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Topbet maintains an SBR rating of F and is on the worst sportsbook blacklist. Sportsbooks on the blacklist are considered an extreme risk to players bankrolls and include companies that have outright folded without paying bettors their winnings.

Why is Topbet on the Sportsbook Blacklist in 2019?

As of 2019, Topbet has dozens of unresolved complaints on file. All of the complaints involve players waiting months or longer to receive their winnings.

Topbet players have consistently reported that when they ask for a payout, a mountain of excuses is then provided by the online sportsbook. One of the excuses Topbet often cites is that third-party payment processors are holding up the withdrawal process. However, players who have agreed to cancel check withdrawals have also not been paid through more direct payment options such as bitcoin.

Recent Topbet Sportsbook Complaints

On April 29, 2019, SBR newswired five new Topbet complaints. One of the players is owed a massive $22,000 and last received a payment more than a year ago.

"TopBet still owes me $22K and I have not received any money from them in over a year. They blame it on processor issues as always, have stopped responding to emails, and their phone extension for anything other than deposits goes straight to voicemail," wrote the player in his SBR complaint.

A second player reported that he asked for a payout of $2,180 in August of 2018. He believed that he would receive his withdrawal in 15 to 20 business days.

A third Topbet player reported a total of $2,100 outstanding.

The other complaints submitted to the SBR mailbag mirror these players' sense of frustration. Regardless of the number of emails sent to Topbet pleading for an update, Topbet regurgitates canned responses, providing the same generic excuses to SBR analysts seeking information. The online sportsbook is unable to provide a specific ETA on when their payment processing will be back on track. Eventually, the sportsbook stops replying altogether.

As Topbet has established that it is a sportsbook which has no issues accepting deposits but massive issues when it comes time to pay their players, the sportsbook remains on the SBR blacklist with their rating of F.

Topbet Sportsbook Rating History

Topbet's rating has fluctuated from C to F. The sportsbook has been listed on the sportsbook rating guide for a total of 17 years. The brand was successful at its marketing and has had a number of qualified executives on board working on branding and attracting new business to the site. Unfortunately, a catchy domain name, combined with good SEO and advertising campaigns did not translate into a professionally run online sportsbook.

As a result of their lackluster service and inability to pay players promptly, SBR has downgraded Topbet numerous times since their inclusion in the sportsbook rating guide. One of the common patterns which emerged over the years with Topbet is that the sportsbook had no problems paying players during high season — when the American Football is being played and traffic is on an upswing — then slow-paying following the Super Bowl each year.

Unfortunately, it appears that as of 2018's football season and into 2019, the sportsbook has struggled to pay, even when most average to below average sportsbooks are experiencing their best months in so far as new deposits being generated. This is referred to in the industry as operating on the float, or put more simply, robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Topbet must make good on all player withdrawals before their rating will be evaluated in the future. Players should avoid Topbet at all costs until the sportsbook demonstrates the ability to pay their customers.

Be Wary of New Topbet Promotions

When sportsbooks like Topbet are struggling, they often dig into their bag of tricks looking for ways to drum up new business. This will come in the form of deposits that sound too good to be true with smaller than standard rollovers attached. Another common tactic is for the sportsbook to call players who are down lifetime and have since become inactive; these players will traditionally receive offers that are much better than what is offered to the rest of the public.

Where is Topbet Located?

Topbet runs their marketing operations out of Canada and outsources all of their sportsbook operations to the Philippines.

Seek Assistance with Topbet Sportsbook

SBR continues to monitor Topbet's operating status and receive player feedback. Players who would like to add their accounts to the list owed by the sportsbook can submit a Topbet complaint. Alternatively, bettors can write an email to SBR directly at Another resource that is essential for sports bettors is the SBR Sportsbooks & Industry forum. Bettors are able to freely exchange information on sportsbooks like Topbet which are not paying or are providing bad service.

Sportsbook Review will update the newswire feed and Topbet's profile page if the situation at the sportsbook changes.


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    Downgraded from D- to F
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    Downgraded from D to D-
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    Downgraded from D+ to D
  • Topbet
    upgraded from D to D+
  • Topbet
    Downgraded from D+ to D
  • Topbet
    Downgraded from C- to D+
  • Topbet
    Downgraded from C to C-
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    Upgraded from C- to C
  • Topbet
    Sportsbook downgraded from C to C-
  • Topbet
    upgraded from C- to C
  • Topbet
    Sportsbook upgraded from D+ to C-
  • Topbet
    Sportsbook USA,Desert Palace, TopBet, 5 Crowns, Casino Hawaii- Downgraded to the Black List. Affiliated with BlackRhino

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