• SBR Rating:C-
  • Online Since:2001
  • Sportsbook Bonus:50% Free Play
  • Known For:Loyalty program
  • Location:San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Countries Restricted:France, Costa Rica
  • Contact: 1-877-223-8374 | Live Chat
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BetDSI Sportsbook Rating 2019

As of 2019, BetDSI holds a sportsbook rating of C-.

Why is BetDSI rated C-?
BetDSI maintains a rating of C-. The Costa Rica based online sportsbook previously slow-paid $23,832.17 to a winning player. He waited a total of eight months to receive payment. BetDSI contended that the player was in violation of house rules; BetDSI believed that the player was acting as a "beard" for a previously restricted account-holder. However, BetDSI was unable to substantiate this claim.

In the months prior to the slow-pay, BetDSI moved into a new facility and became a fully standalone sportsbook. BetDSI previously operated under the same roof as an A+ rated company.

BetDSI Account Complaints
Aside from the slow-pay, there have been a number of complaints regarding players suddenly locked out from their betting account. The complaints were eventually resolved once players provided additional personal information to the sportsbook, though the handling of the communication with players in these cases was inconsistent with account verification at higher rated sportsbooks, prompting the players to register sportsbook complaints against BetDSI with Sportsbook Review.

The most recent complaint which hit the SBR newswire involved BetDSI removing $762 from a player's account two months after a prop bet cashed on the Nobel Peace Prize. The position of the sportsbook was that the player had exceeded house limits of $250 on the prop, though the software accepted more than $250. This is again at odds with how a more professionally run online sportsbook would handle the claim. The widely accepted sportsbook industry standard is "you book the bet, you pay the bet". There were no elements of fraud or foul-play on behalf of the player, who legitimately believed he was able to place an additional wager on the Nobel Peace Prize as the software did not prevent him from doing so. Additionally, BetDSI modified the odds of the prop following the player's first wager. The majority of online sportsbooks allow players to re-bet the same game as long as a trader has had a chance to adjust the market.

BetDSI Player Feedback
BetDSI players have submitted mixed feedback in 2019. While there has been positive feedback from long-time BetDSI players, others have complained about unclear bonus requirements or heavy-handed wager limits which make fulfilling their bonus rollover requirements a tedious process. Generally, when an online sportsbook no longer wishes to accept action from a player, an offer is made to prorate remaining bonus rollover, or if sufficient action was rolled over, the player is allowed to cash out winnings in full.

What to Do If You Require Assistance With BetDSI
BetDSI management remains available to discuss player submitted complaints with Sportsbook Review. Players in need of assistance or who would simply like a second opinion on BetDSI can submit this form. Alternatively, players can reach SBR via email by writing to

SBR will update the newswire feed if additional news, feedback, or complaints are received regarding BetDSI Sportsbook.

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  • BetDSI
    upgraded from D+ to C-
  • BetDSI
    Downgraded from C to D+
  • BetDSI
    Downgraded from B to C
  • BetDSI
    Downgraded from A to B
  • BetDSI
    Downgraded from A+ to A
  • BetDSI
    upgraded from A to A+
  • BetDSI
    upgraded from A- to A
  • BetDSI
    upgraded from B+ to A-
  • BetDSI
    SBR initiates rating coverage at B+

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