• Website:www.1xbet.com
  • SBR Rating:D
  • Online Since:2012
  • Sportsbook Bonus:Many Perks *TCs Apply
  • Location:Russia
  • Countries Restricted:USA
  • Contact: +44 127 325-69-87 info-en@1xbet.com
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1XBet Review in 2019

1XBet Overview & Rating History

1XBet was added to the sportsbook rating guide at D- in August of 2015. The sportsbook was upgraded from D- to D in May of 2018.

The sportsbook debuted on the blacklist due to many complaints of inadequate service from bettors. The source of most of the complaints was poor communication from the sportsbook during account reviews, slow payments, and a bad user experience. While the sportsbook is still listed under the avoid section on SBR's blacklist in 2019, players who play by the rules and who make sure to verify their accounts upfront are not at an extreme risk of not being paid.

1XBet Complaints

The most recent 1XBet complaint was posted by SBR in March of 2019. A player reported that he had been waiting for a total of five weeks to receive payment. 1XBet acknowledged the complaint and provided SBR instructions for the player to provide to his bank. The complaint was eventually resolved.

In July of last year, a player reported that he had €1,730 in winnings confiscated. The player provided his ID documents to 1XBet but then had his balance forfeited. He denied wrongdoing, though 1XBet insisted the player violated their terms and conditions. The player's last update from SBR is that he had not been paid but was pursuing the matter with the sportsbook's licensing body.

Prior to that complaint, a 1XBet player reported that a withdrawal request for €500 had not been fulfilled. 1XBet cancelled the payment request without communicating a reason why to the player, again establishing a theme of inadequate customer service. The player went on to receive his withdrawal after providing the necessary documents, though the complaint could have been avoided had the sportsbook asked the player to provide the documents immediately upon his payment request.

1XBet Location

1XBet is based in Russia. The sportsbook does not accept players from the United States. View the 1XBet terms and conditions for a full list of countries barred from creating accounts.

1XBet Bonus

1XBet offers players a 100% bonus on their first deposit which can be claimed for up to €100. Many terms and conditions are associated with the promotion and not all players are eligible to claim it, so SBR heavily recommends players to do their homework and contact the sportsbook in advance to determine eligibility. It is also good practice to ask a manager to clear the player for a bonus as the marketing department often email blasts the entire player base and sales list without confirming eligibility on an account-by-account basis.

1XBet Sports Betting Software

1XBet provides a decent sports betting software experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Players should encounter no major issues impeding them from placing sports bets on the go with the online sportsbook. One of the things that 1XBet does a good job of is making their product accessible to a large audience: more than 50 languages can be configured, saving players from relying on Google Translate to place bets. This is especially important when it comes to understanding the sportsbook rules, promotional fine-print, and related text that is not too easy to translate given the heavy dosage of sports betting specific terminology that may not translate cleanly.

The software can be configured with either a European focused or Asian view which adjusts the display seen by the user. Odds can be configured across Decimal, Fraction, US, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malaysian formats.

Players can use a light version or dark mode for the sportsbook, a compact view to condense the visual grid, and even adjust the font size. It is not too common to have this level of customization over the appearance of the sportsbook, so this is one neat feature that some bettors might appreciate.

Lastly, players can choose to hide team logos in the bet slip to give it a more pen and pad feel and make the bet slip easier to read and more print-friendly.

1XBet Customer Service

As mentioned earlier in the review, 1XBet customer service has not been good at times. While the sportsbook is taking steps to improve, players need to understand that this is not a sportsbook which offers the same level of customer service they may be accustomed to receiving from top rated betting sites.

Since most of the complaints on 1XBet centered around their enforcement of their Know Your Customer (KYC) identification procedure, one thing that can help ensure a smooth experience to already have a thumb drive with all relevant forms of ID, a utility bill, and copies of any credit or debit cards players intend to use to deposit with. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the documents provided to 1XBet are in high resolution and are fully visible.

1XBet Prop Bets and Gaming Markets

1XBet offers an expansive selection of sports betting markets, including hundreds of in-play (live) betting opportunities on a daily basis. The selection is almost what players would receive at a high level sportsbook, though there have been some complaints related to the reliability of live betting markets. Players have reported having bets cancelled by a trader that they were sure were placed in time.

1XBet Casino, Bingo, and Poker

In addition to the conventional sportsbook, 1XBet offers players a number of other activities. There is a standard casino, live casino, virtual sports, TV games, bingo, as well as a poker platform.

1XBet Feedback

SBR wants to hear from all 1XBet players, whether the feedback is good, bad, or indifferent. Players can contact Sportsbook Review by sending an email to help@sportsbookreview.com. Alternatively, players are free to post in SBR Forum in the Sportsbook & Industry section to share their review of 1XBet with like-minded sports bettors. This exchange of information can help enlighten players as well as SBR on how the sportsbook is really treating them.


  • 1XBet
    Upgraded from D- to D
  • 1XBet
    Upgraded from D- to D
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    SBR initiates rating coverage at D-

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