ZenitBet Sportsbook responds to player complaint

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Sportsbook Review reported last Tuesday that a ZenitBet Sportsbook (unrated) player filed a payout complaint.

He provided copies of his ID to the online sportsbook, and also sent notarized copies of his passport through the post.

ZenitBet confirmed receiving the player's documents, but claimed on May 30th that it would take 30 business days to be paid. After the time-frame expired, the player was given no additional information from ZenitBet, prompting him to file a complaint with SBR.

SBR reached out to ZenitBet to discuss the player's ordeal. ZenitBet informed SBR that they placed the player on a "60 day trial" to give them time to verify his documents and investigate the suspicions they held that the player was connected with other account holders.

ZenitBet ultimately decided to grant the player's withdrawal but cautioned SBR the player can never use their sportsbook again or attempt to register a new account.

SBR has communicated this update to the player and advised him to place a payout request.

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