ZenitBet slips lower on the sportsbook blacklist

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Russian bookmaker ZenitBet has slipped further down the sportsbook blacklist.

ZenitBet debuted in the sportsbook rating guide this Saturday at D, and has fallen to D- after fifteen total payout complaints have surfaced from players that have been owed for longer than 30 business days.

The players are owed relatively small amounts each, and in total €20,000.

ZenitBet acknowledged only one previous slow-pay complaint by stating that it needed to force a sixty day trial on a player to perform a more detailed investigation - the sportsbook made no apologies for taking three months to pay.

Following a ZenitBet report on 8/20, an additional eight payout complaints were filed.

Seven new payout complaints have since been received.

ZenitBet has yet to address the complaints with Sportsbook Review.

Players who have not already done so should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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