YouWin Sportsbook tennis wagering dispute

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A YouWin Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) player writes in with a tennis wagering dispute. The player wagered €125 on under 19.5 games in the Bartoli vs Garrigues WTA match which took place on November 4th, 2011. With the match tied at one set a piece, Bartoli retired one game into the third set, making Garrigues the victor. The official scoreline read 4-6, 7-6, 1-0 for Garrigues. A total of 24 games were played in the match (the player's wager was under 19.5 games); however YouWin Sportsbook has the following rule pertaining to how retirements affect total game markets:



YouWin Sportsbook rule: Total Games Markets (including Live Betting): In the event of disqualification, retirement or change of surface mid-match, all bets will be deemed void.

Despite the wordage of the above rule, YouWin Sportsbook graded the player's wager as a loss. SBR will ask YouWin to correct its settlement for affected players' wagers. | Youwin player comments

YouWin Sportsbook is a Malta-based operation that is licensed by WinUnited Ltd. WinUnitedLtd. also powers the non-US (SBR rating D-).



YouWin player: Hi. I've got a big problem with the bookmaker Youwin that refuses to reimburse me 125 euros despite its rules say i should be reimbursed. This is my problem: I place a bet on tennis match Bartoli / Garrigues. In fact i bet 125 euros that there would be "under 19.5 games" in the match. Bartoli retired whereas score was 6-4 6-7 0-1, so 24 games had already been played. I perfectly know that, if match had ended, my bet would necessarily have been lost, but, fortunately, the fact is there was player retirement, and Youwin's rule is very clear in case of retirement.

So when Bartoli retired, i was sure my bet would be settled void, but it was settled lost ! I immediately contacted l ive chat to tell them there was an error in the settlement of my bet. They first told me my bet had been settled lost coz it was a live bet ???I explained them my bet wasn't a livebet at all, i placed it 12 hours before the start of the match (and anyway, even if it had been livebet, the rule says "including live betting", so .....But never mind..). Youwin found then another reason not to settle my bet void: they told me my bet would remain lost because it had already been determined before the retirement of the player !






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