YouWin player has open bets voided and account forfeited

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Edit by SBR: The player was shown to have violated Youwin rules but was ultimately paid all winnings. The complaint is considered closed.

A Youwin Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has filed a complaint against the betting site with SBR.

He claims that his account has been closed without a specific reason given, and that €1,900 of open bets were forfeited.

Youwin allegedly told the player that it is their right to close an account per their terms and conditions.

While it is true that an online sportsbook can close an account as it deems necessary, wagers that are accepted must be honored and earned winnings paid, less there is clear and compelling evidence of fraud or an insufficient deposit.

Sportsbooks cannot arbitrarily close accounts and fleece players of their earned funds; this amounts to theft, and is cause for betting sites to be blacklisted in the rating guide.

SBR interviewed Youwin CEO John Overett in November of 2012.

Youwin players with feedback should write to SBR at

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