YouWin locks winning player's account

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A YouWin (SBR rating D+) player reports that his account has been blocked. The player tells Sportsbook Review that he has a €5,742 balance with the sportsbook. | Youwin response to player


YouWin sportsbook: Thank you for your inquiry. Please kindly note that your account is pending an investigation from our side. At this point in time we are can not disclose any information with regards to this investigation. We ask for your patience and will revert back to you once the investigation is over.

On May 11th, SBR reported that a YouWin player filed a wagering complaint. The player placed a wager on a tennis match between Garcia Lopez and Bogomolov. YouWin did not grade the match, instead citing that it was under investigation.

On February 18th, SBR reported an update on a YouWin winnings seizure complaint. On January 3rd, SBR had reported that a player indicated that €2,418 in winnings were voided. The player's account was opened with YouWin on December 26th and his entire balance was wagered on a soccer match between Arsenal and Chelsea. After Arsenal won the match, the player received his winnings as normal. However, on December 28th the sportsbook disabled his account. YouWin responded to the complaint by saying that an irregular betting pattern was detected with his account.

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