Xlbet update: 9 slow-pays reported

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Xlbet (unrated) players report 9 new slow-pays. The players are owed a combined €8,181, and requested their funds as far back as October 17th. The last confirmed payout made by Xlbet was reported on 11/22. In total, 15 Xlbet players have reported slow-pay. Xlbet owes these players €11,136. | Xlbet player comments

Xlbet players



Asked for a withdraw of 250 EUR in 17 October, still haven't received. Last e-mail i received was in 18 November they were saying this: "Dear sir, The first payment can take some extra time due to controls, but should be sent soon"




I bet at the bookmaker "XLBET" until you get ? 842.69. I requested the withdrawal of money and I sent my documents on December 2. These documents have been confirmed and accepted the next day. Then they told me that the survey would be processed and until today, nothing was done. I read several reports, and the house has not paid the gains to its users, so I decided to contact you.



I successful deposit money using moneybookers purse, recieve bonus and meet all rollover requirement. Then at 16th november request a withdraw(988.51$), they looked into documents, asked about anouther way to withdraw - I provide them info about webmoney accaunt. So they can withdraw money two ways. Now 33 days passed - I do not recieve money, they do not mailed to me, do not answer for my mails. Can you help me please to get money back from this bookmaker?



It is not the first time to have trouble with them regarding a withdraw. For a few month I fighted 3months for a withdraw and now I was so stupid to pay in again. I pay in some euros (50? or something) and played poker. I won a 2$ tournement and got something like 675?. After this I payed out on 08.11.! It was like every time. Nothing happen and after my first mails they ask me if it is possible to make a bank wire and not moneybookers. I confirmed. Since today nothing is happen.



I registered in XLBET 03.11.2010, submitted a deposit through the payment system moneybookers and started playing.

As a result, I won 955,13 EUR, I ordered the money to pay and wait for the money so far.

XLBET wrote me that he needs a lot of time for payment.



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