WSEX update — player reports payment, 4 new complaints filed

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A WSEX (SBR rating D) player has reported receiving $2500 via Neteller. He requested the payment on May 10th. While this is the 3rd payout report in July from a WSEX player, 21 new slow-pay complaints were filed throughout July including four today. SBR will update this report.


WSEX players:


I have requested two payouts from wsex on the following dates:  4/7/10 $600
6/28/10 $175

Have repeatedly been told of processing delays



Payout on July 17: $2500 to Neteller
Pending withdrawals:  $49.800





I have 2 withdrawal requests at Wsex, both for $2,900.
Both were made on the phone with customer service.

May 24,2010 and June 17,2010.

Both were posted to my accounts statement in a timely fashion.
Both are for the correct amount and show a fee of $50.





on may 10, 2010 a withdrawl request was processed with for the amount of $2,100. after numerous emails, phone calls, etc. there still has been no payment received. they continue to respond with "slow processing" "new processor"

please help!! thanks.



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