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Two new WSEX (SBR rating D-) payout complaints have been reported. The first player requested a $1,400 payment following the 2011 Super Bowl.

The WSEX player tells SBR that he asked a friend to call WSEX to pose as a potential customer, WSEX reportedly told the player withdrawals take only two weeks. The player tells Sportsbook Review that he receives only generic updates from the WSEX camp.

The second player requested a $2,000 payout  in mid June of 2011. Based on his recent playing activity, SBR expects that WSEX will unfortunately choose to prioritize his withdrawal request above the player waiting since February of 2011 in hopes to retain his future business.

In total, WSEX players have reported being slow-paid a total of $460,462. The most delinquent payment request is from October of 2009. | WSEX statement


WSEX:  Currently, we are still sorting out this back log of request, which we are not able to carry down to a reasonable level at this time. Most clients have asked for an explanation on this delay. This is due to a shortage of banks and financial institutions, willing to work with the industry. Presently, the resources available to us, we will utilize to complete as much withdrawals as we can. I can safely assume that the next few months before the football season commences, your settlements should start coming your way. I know you have been waiting for several months, and I will continue to do everything I can to further break that schedule date just mentioned. Once all negotiations are in place with more banks and accounts to complete the outstanding logs, your withdrawals should flow in a consistent m anne r. On behalf of WSEX, I extend my deepest apologies for the inconvenience imposed on you.

A fifty-two page discussion thread is hosted at SBRforum pertaining to WSEX Sportsbook. Readers are free to chime in with their payout feedback or other relevant experiences.








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