WSEX Sportsbook victim files SBR complaint

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A WSEX  Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player has filed a complaint with SBR. The player was never paid his closing $2,867 balance. WSEX was downgraded multiple times by Sportsbook Review during their slow-payment of users, leading up to their outright collapse and closure on 19 April 2013.

Over 250 WSEX Sportsbook players reported being owed over $1 million. To reemphasize, these are users that specifically took the time to log their complaints officially through SBR. The true number of funds owed by WSEX is unknown, but even a consevative estimate would at least triple this amount due to the many years with which the sportsbook was in operation.

WSEX downgrades history by SBR:

5/17/2012 WSEX downgraded from D- to F
3/1/2011 WSEX Sportsbook downgraded from D to D-
7/3/2010 WSEX downgraded from D+ to D
6/7/2010 WSEX downgraded from C- to D+
3/25/2010 WSEX downgraded from C to C-
8/24/2009 WSEX downgraded from B- to C
7/28/2009 WSEX downgraded from B to B-
5/17/2009 WSEX downgraded from B+ to B
4/23/2009 WSEX lowered from A- to B+
3/17/2009 WSEX lowered from A+ to A-

WSEX squandered what was a quality reputation in the online sportsbook industry, having long been regarded as one of the original and most trusted shops in the business. There has been no serious indication that any larger sportsbook company with the means to acquire the sportsbook has come close to doing so. The WSEX collapse is similar to that of Canbet Sportsbook, another long-standing sportsbook which flatlined and outraged their large customer pool by not honoring outstanding payment obligations.

SBR advises users to keep up to date with sportsbook ratings, use the sportsbook ratings guide, and most of all verify that a bookmaker of their choosing is not for any reason indexed on the scam sportsbook blacklist. In cases involving rogue or dodgy bookmakers, often times players are stuck in the mud with little to no recourse; particularly when dealing with sportsbooks that have little regulatory oversight, at least on paper.

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