WSEX Sportsbook update: $610,990 owed to 93 players

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Five new WSEX (SBR rating D-) payout complaints have been reported.

Player one requested a $530 withdrawal on July 4th, 2011. Player two requested $5,000 in March of 2011. Players three and four requested $500 and $1100 in April and August of 2011 respectively. Player five requested $1,600 in April of 2011. WSEX acknowledged one of the players by stating that progress is being made in scheduling payments for their backlog of delinquent requests. WSEX confirmed that not all requests could be paid at once and again pinned the blame on processor challenges instead of a lack of a liquidity. Ninety-three players report being owed a total of $610,990, with outstanding requests dating as far back as October of 2009.  

SBR followed up with WSEX again to resend the list of players owed and was told by a manager that the list would be reviewed by this weekend.

Recent WSEX payouts
A WSEX player that requested $1,800 on November 29th, 2010 reports receiving payment in full. The player was one of the names on the WSEX list. On November 9th, SBR reported that a player owed $60,000 received a $6,000 payment toward his outstanding balance. A second player received $2,000.

The last surge of WSEX Sportsbook payouts was reported by SBR in October of 2010;  these WSEX players were paid $124,617 during the heart of the football season.


WSEX Sportsbook: We are currently making real progress in scheduling our backlog for completion every other week. Due to the extent of the logs, not all requests will be completed in one shipment. The changes to processing and new global banking regulations have really taken a toll on the movement of funds within this type of industry. We will be working closely with our processors to accomplish as much as possible during this month.

In this correspondence it may not be possible to give you an exact date of shipment but will schedule your request during the month and do our very best to have your request completed or even a partial amount.






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