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Two WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D) players confirm partial payment. The first player reported a $2,500 payment; prior to receiving this withdrawal he had $25,000 in delinquent payout requests. The withdrawal requests ranged from December 12th to January 4th. The second player reported a successful $1,800 Moneybookers withdrawal. After receiving those funds, the player still has a balance of $7,900 which he has been trying to withdraw since April of 2010. Twenty-eight WSEX Sportsbook players have submitted sportsbook complaints. WSEX still owes these players a total of $251,298. | Full WSEX Sportsbook Report

WSEX Financial Trouble
WSEX players first began reporting withdrawal delays in April of 2009, prompting an SBR downgrade. In the following months, problems continued with WSEX and additional downgrades ensued. On 10/21/2009, WSEX's payment time was listed at being four to six weeks per check withdrawal request. At the time, SBR readers reported being owed $30,000. On 11/3/2009, a WSEX update was published that highlighted the experiences of three players that had been waiting beyond WSEX's listed time-frame. The WSEX slow-pay amount increased to $61,250 as outlined in SBR's update on 1/18/2010.

WSEX Confiscates $14,719 in casino winnings
WSEX confiscated $14,719 in Pai Gow winnings from a player. From December 13th-15th of 2010, a bettor played 564 hands of Pai Gow, winning $14,719. WSEX deactivated the player's account on December 26th and confiscated all winnings. After an investigation it was determined the player discovered a flaw in the casino's random number generator, and was able to take advantage of the pattern. WSEX concluded that the player was cheating via statistical analysis, but was unable to offer evidence that the player altered hand outcomes or interfered with the casino software.

WSEX Downgrades
A- to B+ on 4/23/2009.
B+ to B on 5/17/2009
B to B- on 7/28/2009
B- to C on 8/24/2009
C to C- on 3/25/2010
C- to D+ on 6/7/2010
D+ to D on 7/3/2010

WSEX Financial Trouble (continued)
On 3/22/2010, WSEX conceded to SBR that payment times were ordered by the size of each withdrawal request. At the time of this update, WSEX owed $43,000 to five players. WSEX was downgraded two days after the report's publication. On 4/14, a total of twenty new slow-pay complaints were reported increasing WSEX's debt to players to $153,400. By summer of 2010, WSEX's player debt surpassed $200,000, and it was reported that even a player owed as little as $180 was being slow-paid. On June 7th of 2010, WSEX was downgraded to D+. On July 6th of 2010, an additional 12 slow-pay complaints were reported by readers, prompting another downgrade to D. WSEX owed 47 players a total of $250,617.

The first glimmer of hope from players came three months later, on October 4th of 2010, when WSEX reported that $124,617 had been paid to players that filed SBR complaints. At it's lowest mark in months, WSEX was down to having fourteen outstanding slow-pays as highlighted in a November 4th SBR report, however, that stat was short-lived as an additional fourteen slow-pay complaints were filed over the next two months.

WSEX currently owes $251,298 to twenty-eight players. WSEX management has been inconsistent with updates to SBR. SBR continues to question WSEX on the status of player payouts, and recently reported that Matchbook executives were planning to cut all ties to the brand.

WSEX Player:
In the Fall of 2009 my account built up to around 35,000 and I requested a payment of 25,000 I was told that they couldn't process the money at that time but that they would be able to soon and that I should wait to make a request. I phoned them periodically over the next year (once every 2 months or so and they kept saying that they would be able to make a payment in that amount shortly but that they were having trouble with their processors and that I should wait). By November of 2010 I had increased my balance to approximately 120,000.00. I was not overly concerned because I knew that they were regulated by the Antiguan Gaming Authority and that they were required to keep (so I thought) the players' funds in separate accounts. In late November 2010, I again requested a significant portion of my funds (probably 90K), they said that I could only take out 3K a day. This was amazing to me, since I had historically deposited large amounts to them (often as much as 20K at a time) and was surprised that I would now have to pay $50 on each check of $3000 to get my money out. I asked for the first 3K over the phone but noticed a couple of weeks later that there had been no deduction from my account. I phoned back and was told to do it on the site which I did. I began making a request for 3000 a day. The first request was by courier and the others by regular mail.

As of January 4, I had not received my requested cheque from early December and I phoned WSEX. They told me that they were still having problems with their "processors" but that I would receive my funds shortly. I asked them for a tracking number for my courier and they were unable to provide me one. They then suggested that I try an Instadebit transfer. They said to make a deposit of $50 (which I did)) and that they would then deposit $2500 back to the account (which they did not). I phoned them again today (January 10, 2011) after talking to you and it appears that this transaction was now made as of today as a result of my further phone call.

Players who are owed by WSEX are asked to write to SBR at or submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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