WSEX Sportsbook; slow-pay sportsbook launches casino loyalty program

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WSEX Sportsbook (sportsbook rating D-) update. Since SBR's last WSEX report on January 22nd, 2011, an additional six slow-pay complaints have been filed. These players are owed a combined $22,047, increasing WSEX's delinquent withdrawal amount to $371,966. | WSEX launches casino loyalty program

WSEX rolls out Casino Program while not paying players
Despite owing 48 players a total of $371,966, and an untold amount more to players that have not submitted sportsbook complaints to SBR, WSEX has began promoting a casino loyalty points program to its players.

WSEX Sportsbook to players:

World Sports Exchange would like to announce the return of Casino Points, and this time there is more to gain than ever before.

Starting February 1st and running through February 28th, 2011, any casino games you play will, again, earn you Casino Points. The top 10 Casino Points earners for February will receive a share of $7,500, starting with $1,500 for first place. The more you play, the more you can win! It's that simple. Whether you enjoy our Download Casino, or our Flash based Casino, we have all your favorite games. And now, they can earn you a share of $7,500. So, this February, don't miss your chance to win even more at World Sports Exchange.

WSEX chose not to inform these players that its delinquent withdrawals date back to 2009, or that players who have asked for payout updates are given the same generic response until they stop asking. SBR has asked WSEX to go on the record to discuss its financial setbacks, and to give their own personalized account to players of the oversights that led to their current predicament. WSEX declined.


WSEX pays $124,617 to players in October of 2010
As reported by SBR, WSEX players reported receiving $124,617 in October of 2010. Following these payments, WSEX has unfortunately not managed to climb out of the hole, and quickly took steps backwards as their slow-pay amount for the first time eclipsed $300,000.

WSEX History
WSEX Sportsbook was once a well-respected sportsbook with a solid financial track record and history of paying its players. Due to this, several players felt loyal to WSEX and continued to play their over the years, even as more innovative sportsbooks emerged onto the offshore betting scene. WSEX users first began reporting payment delays 2009. WSEX was downgraded 8 times by SBR in the following two years.

WSEX Sportsbook player:

Do you think i could have any luck getting my WSEX withdrawals if i offered to give them the remaining balance in my account? I'm moving my money into different investments and would be happy to give them the remaining 8k in my account if they processed and sent me all my outstanding withdrawals (about 70k and they clear the bank of course) within a few weeks. Can i use this type of negotiation to see if it will allow me to get my money out faster?


WSEX Sportsbook players that have not yet done so are asked to submit sportsbook complaint forms, or to write to SBR directly by e-mailing

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