WSEX Sportsbook players owed over $1 million, SBR iGaming News

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In today's Sportsbook Review iGaming News video update, host Natalie covers the recent WSEX Sportsbook complaint filed by a user that reported his closing $2,800+ balance was never paid. More than 250 players filed complaints with SBR over the period of time that WSEX was slow-paying up to their eventual closure in April 2013.

WSEX Sportsbook was downgraded ten times beginning in March 2009 since the first reports of their slow-pays were made. WSEX went through highs and lows during this time; following a batch of SBR complaints, WSEX paid $124,617 to players that reported delinquent withdrawals. Unfortunately, WSEX continued to slide due to many more payout complaints coming in as the issues snowballed out of control.

WSEX Sportsbook at one point drew the ire of players by admitting that it was cherry-picking withdrawals. That is, deciding to pay users based on the smaller amount of funds owed, and not based on how early a payout request was made.

WSEX finally outright collapsed and closed up shop 19 April 2013. At this time, more than $1 million was reported as unpaid by over 250 players. WSEX continued to market bonuses and promotions via email leading up to their closure.

SBR and players were hopeful of a potential bailout by an industry white knight company, but ultimately no such bailout materialized. Players are invited to share their feedback via the SBR Posting Forum or via email concerning WSEX Sportsbook. SBR urges users to check the sportsbook ratings guide before financially committing to any sportsbook.

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