WSEX Sportsbook: players owed $438,860

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WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) update. SBR reported on February 2nd that 48 WSEX players were being slow-paid a total of $371,966. The oldest of these payout requests was initiated in February of 2010.

WSEX filling delinquent requests based on most recent owed
Two players have confirmed receiving payment in full. Player one received $8,759 from payouts requested in late 2010. Player two received $2,900 from a December of 2010 withdrawal request.

Eight new sportsbook complaints have been reported by players since SBR's last WSEX update, increasing the amount owed to players to $438,860. The requests were made ranging from March of 2010 to as little as three weeks ago. One player, who requested $3,000 on March 10th of 2010, made an observation noting WSEX's backwards effort in clearing the delinquent withdrawals.

WSEX player:

Been waiting since March 10, 2010 for a max withdrawal ($3,000). I don't understand why people that have requested withdrawals well after me are getting paid and I'm still waiting.

WSEX Sportsbook has likely determined that players owed from early 2010 would never again give the sportsbook business, and is selectively choosing which players' payouts to process as funds become available.

New Matchbook ownership announces seperation from WSEX
Matchbook's new ownership has announced its seperation from slow-pay sportsbook, WSEX. Matchbook is no longer servicing US customers.


In addition, we would like to affirm that the new Matchbook management and ownership is in no way affiliated with WSEX or any previous ownership. The new owners and management look forward to heralding a new dawn in financial prudence and stability, while continuing to offer a world class betting exchange with improved global sports offerings.

SBRforum readers who have participated in the Matchbook leaving the US forum topic hope that any assets gained by WSEX for the final seperation from Matchbook would allow more payouts to be processed.

WSEX Sportsbook launches casino loyalty program
Despite the $438,860 owed to players, WSEX announced last month that it would reopen its casino points program - a loyalty program decided to reward casino bettors. Online casinos are a steady source of income for sportsbooks, as most gamblers tend to gravitate toward games with high payouts but little player edge. WSEX players have reported with mixed feelings on the move. On one hand, WSEX is attempting to lure in more deposits which could allow them to fill delinquent withdrawal requests. On the other, there is no guarantee that players will see the funds, and more players would be expected to be slow-paid.

WSEX pays $124,617 to players, October 2010
SBR reported that WSEX players confirmed  receiving $124,617 in October of 2010. Player hopes were high that the football season afforded WSEX a prime opportunity to regain its financial solidarity. Unfortunately, those expectations were shattered when WSEX more than tripled its player debt in the coming months.

WSEX Sportsbook has been downgraded to the mark of D-, and is on the SBR Sportsbook blacklist. SBR will update this report as players confirm payment or new sportsbook complaints surface. Players are asked to write to with their feedback.

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