WSEX Sportsbook debt to $825,744

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WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) players have reported being owed $825,744. SBR currently has 157 payment complaints on file. WSEX Sportsbook has ceased discussing player cases with SBR. WSEX provides generic updates to players, mostly pinning the blame on failed processors and the US banking climate. The once well-regarded outfit is currently rated D- and sits on the SBR sportsbook blacklist. Players are advised to avoid depositing with the sportsbook.

WSEX last made an attempt to cut down on its growing player debt in the fall of 2010, when players reported receiving $124,617. Since that time, the player debt gradually snowballed out of control, currently sitting at the $825,744 mark. Players have written off ever receiving their funds; some players waiting as far back as October of 2009. WSEX has many players on "payment plans" —where a small percentage of the owed balance is paid every so often—and its few payments are made to players who the sportsbook hopes to retain the business of.

WSEX admitted in the past to ordering payments to players who have waited the shortest amount of time. SBR has reported of few withdrawals since the fall of 2010. SBR urges all players with a balance at WSEX to immediately stop wagering. Players should submit a sportsbook complaint form, or write to directly to document their case. SBR hopes that a favourable fall will again allow WSEX to clear a meaningful percentage of balances. SBR is attemping to reconnect with WSEX executives for an updated comment on the slow-pays.

Recent WSEX Sportsbook complaints:

"I have been waiting on payout since Jan 2011. I am owed $1630. I call weekly and they will not allow me to speak with a manager. Accounting dept keeps saying I should hope to get paid during the next batch of processed checks released from the processor. "

"I requested a payout of $1450 back in November 2011. It is now April 2012 and still no payout. I have made numerous calls trying to see what the hold up is. they reply that it will be in the next upcoming batch each month. I understand the world that I'm involving myself in, but with more funds on my book, I find it hard to ask for another payout."

"I have been owed 8,400.00 USD since July,2011 by WSEX  I received email responses explaining reason(s) for delays until recently.  I have had no response to the last two emails I sent asking for a partial payments. As this was told me would be happening after the Superbowl. Presumably they started to expect to make some money which would justify returning money to customers who are owed from the past?

"Request a $3,000 withdrawal on Dec. 5, 2011. Was told that I might receive something by Christmas. Didn't. Then was told that I should expect payment in January. Didn't. Then I was told I scheduled for payment in February. Nothing. Then I was told that I would receive payment in March. I called a few days ago and was told that I would receive payment in April. I have come to the conclusion that they are never going to pay me. I still have about $200 in my account. Will probably just bet it all and continue to do so until it's gone. Not going to see it anyway. I've been with wsex for about 10 years and this is the first time I've had any problem. I don't know when or how they came to be the scumbag operation that they are now. They are full of excuses and I am tired of hearing them. World Sports Exchange can go straight to hell!"

SBR will update this report.

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